Our Founder

Uniquely Crwned FounderHi, lovely!

I’m Ashley, the founder of Uniquely Crwned. A native New Yorker, corporate maven, avid volunteer, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.

I embarked on my natural hair journey in 2015 and haven’t looked back. My journey has consisted of learning, nurturing, styling and embracing my natural hair texture, my unique crwn.

In my pursuit to redefine my perception of beautiful hair, I’ve expanded my view on what it means to have hair that’s beautiful. Beautiful hair is not truly defined by only the media or societal pressures, but what we ourselves recognize as such through the beliefs we hold about our own self-identity. 

Uniquely Crwned was birthed out of my desire to celebrate the versatility of our crwns through a brand that caters to us and the many cultural hairstyles we wear on our journey to fortify and love our tresses.

We’re beautiful and assertion of our cultural hairstyles is long overdue.

You are, we are, Uniquely Crwned.

With gratitude,